We are going “paperless” for our court reservations. We have switched to an online reservation system that you can access on your phone.
The Laurel Springs tennis courts are very busy. We have many times when the courts are full. The courts are for the use of the residents and the tennis staff. You may play with residents or non-residents/guests. In the event you have non-residents/guests playing, you need to be playing with them. You may not reserve courts to be used by non-residents/guests only. The intent of the following guidelines is to create a environment for ALL the residents and their guest to use the courts in a polite and reasonable manner.
  1. Online reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance.
  2. Reservations are limited to 2 hours singles or doubles.
  3. Being Late to a reservation: In the event you do not show up to your reservation on time and begin play within 10 minutes of the reserved time, the reservation is considered cancelled and the court will be considered open.
  4. The following priority will be used to determine how courts are assigned:
    • ALTA/USTA Matches 2 courts for home teams unless otherwise noted
    • Lessons/Team Coaching
    • All other reservations
  5. Scheduling Make-up Matches: Team captains need to let individuals/doubles teams who will actually use a court, make the reservation. A player/doubles team may reserve a court for a 2 hour period of time. (Do not reserve a court, unless you have a 2 hour window of time.) It is up to the player/doubles team to start on time and play at a reasonable rate. In the event that the match is going beyond the 2 hours, the following reservation will need to:
    • Look on the reservation board to move to a court with a 2 hour window of time.
    • Try to move the match to the opponent’s courts.
    • Politely wait for the current match to finish.
  6. League Match start times scheduled by ALTA / USTA take precedence over all court reservations and must start on time per the ALTA / USTA rules. Make-up ALTA/USTA matches and flex-league matches (T2, Ultimate Tennis, Simple8, etc.) may not interfere with these start times.
  7. ALTA/USTA Make-up matches that have to be played at a specific time and day per the rules of ALTA/USTA may result in court reservations being changed. We thank you for your understanding in advance.
  8. All court reservations for ALTA/USTA team tennis and lessons will be made by the Tennis Staff per the Tennis Committee.
  9. The Director of Tennis may reserve additional courts when one or two teams are at home. Captains will need to consult with the Director of Tennis regarding the use of additional courts.
  10. Each resident is responsible for canceling reservations in advance through the online reservation system. You agree to cancel reservations as soon as you know you are unable to play, so courts can be freed up for others.
  11. As the program grows and/or special circumstances develop, the Director of Tennis and the Tennis Committee reserve the right to adjust these guidelines and take appropriate action if needed.
I Have Read Laurel Springs Reservation Policy and Agree to be Bound by its Terms.