Ball Machine

General Guidelines

  1. DANGER - Do not stand in front of this machine.
  2. The ball machine may be rented for one hour increments when the shop is open or a pro is 'on-site'. You may use the ball machine longer, if it is not reserved by another party.
  3. The ball machine is stored in a locker at the back of court #4.
  4. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. Please treat this ball machine with the utmost respect. If it does not seem to work properly, do not attempt to fix.  Inform the Laurel Springs Tennis Staff of the problem.
  6. Abuse to the ball machine will result in denied privilege and payment of any repair.
  7. The ball machine is offered on a rental basis at $250 annually or $15 per hour.
  8. If you use the ball machine with a person who is on the annual rental program, you will be charged 1/2 the hourly rate.
To RENT the ball machine, do the following: 
  1. Reserve a court with 'your last name and Ball Machine' on the court reservation line.
  2. Text Tim Smith at 678-467-0504 to notify him that you intend to use the ball machine.
  3. Court 4 is the best court for the ball machine. Other courts may be used, if court 4 is taken.
  4. Come down to the courts or CALL the pro shop 770-888-3020 when reserving the ball machine with less than 24 hour notice.

General Operating Instructions

Once the ball machine is loaded up and plugged into a functioning electrical outlet, push the power button located on the right side – “from the back.”

STARTING from the top of the control panel, you have:

The direction/shot pattern you want the balls to go. You may rotate each dialer from 1 – 7, or A. Set the first dialer on the left to the location that you want the first ball to go. Set the second dialer to the left to the location that you want the second ball to go. etc! When you want to repeat the pattern, place the next dialer to “A”. 
Height This will allow you to have a ball clear the net by inches for a line drive or by several feet for lobs. Adjust this for the type of ball you want to hit. 
Speed – This determines how fast the ball will be sent to you.  
Spin – This will have the ball come to you with topspin, no spin, or under spin.  (Note – by adjusting the height, speed, and spin you can vary the flight and bounce of the ball.) 
Feed Rate – This determines how often the next ball will come out of the machine. (A “3” seems to be a nice rate.) 

***You will need to tweak these dials to get the desired ball you want to hit. The Remote/Bypass switch needs to be on “Bypass” for the balls to come out. The Random Direction switch allows you have control of the pattern of the direction of each ball by turning the switch “off” or “on” if you want random pattern of direction. 

Suggested ways to use the ball machine! An individual may set the pattern to work on a specific shot from different areas of the court. Pace yourself! Place the feed rate at a low rate. Use with a friend, each person may hit a given number of balls in a pattern and take turns. 

The ball machine is known to be a “tennis ball eating machine.” Therefore, we will not put brand new balls in the ball machine. We will use the used balls from the teaching carts as we put new balls in the teaching carts.